Charles Pfeffer

Executive Coaching & Leadership Consulting

Change is a 6-Letter Word

Charles appreciates that "change" is a scary concept. It is human nature to try to avoid change on the most visceral level, despite an intellectual understanding that it is inevitable. Yet having the capabilities to step up and address tricky new circumstances is unexpectedly liberating - after all, having the right processes in place within your organization to adopt new and better ideas when they come along can't help but lead to success!

The most successful organizations are those which embrace change as part of their culture - responding to change is so ingrained in their day-to-day operations, that doing so is almost routine. To these businesses, this process is simply the voyage from one destination to another. Charles earnestly strives to help you instill in your own organization this inherent ability to address change through adaptation and learning.

With the utmost integrity and a uniquely warm, yet strong personal presence, Charles will guide you through this fundamental transition. He works hard to listen "between the lines" of what you have to say, leveraging his wealth of experience to help you address your specific circumstances. Charles also has a fundamental understanding of (and deep appreciation for) the realities of doing business in a corporate environment. Within this framework, he offers you realistic, practical strategies and solutions, which you can seamlessly implement.

Charles sincerely aims to help you reach your full leadership potential. In helping you to build an organizational culture that values and encourages adaptation, learning, respect, and two-way communication, he will leave you with a process-based toolbox, enabling you to handle any issues that come your way. Together, you and Charles will set your organization on the course for greatness!